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Father's Day Special Slow Care Set

Father's Day Special Slow Care Set

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"Father's Day" gift set with gratitude

Manuka & Shikwasa candy
Manuka honey & ginger honey

Manuka honey boosts immunity for dads who want to stay healthy

A gift for the hard working dad

Okinawan ginger and shekwasha combined with manuka honey will further soothe your fatigue.

Healthy, unheated, and addictively sweet candy

Delicious manuka honey candy that is good for your body. Made with Okinawan shekwasha and manuka honey, this candy is great for your throat. The refreshing sourness spreads in your mouth.

Give New Zealand's cure-all "Manuka honey" to your dad

Additive-free, unheated Manuka honey 100% pure Manuka honey (MGO354+) from New Zealand and raw ginger from Okinawa Prefecture are a perfect combination.
A slightly spicy dish.

Why not try a healthy Father's Day gift that is a little different from the usual ones? Recommended for those who want their father to continue to be healthy and energetic.

  • A healthy and unique Father's Day gift!
  • The spicy taste of ginger is addictive
  • When you want to refresh yourself at work
  • Prevent colds with the panacea Manuka honey

Product Details

  1. Manuka & Shikuwasa Candy
  2. Manuka Honey & Ginger Honey (50g)

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