About Honey Fusion

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I live in Taupo, next to New Zealand's largest lake and I split my time between Japan and New Zealand.  Manuka Honey and it's power to help with sore throats, mouth ulcers, h-pylori is well know in Japan.
Unfortunately, a lot of the Manuka Honey available in Japan has a strong taste that makes is less appealing to many. Combined with the image of Manuka being the most expensive honey in the world, a lot of would be fans find it difficult to try. Here at Honey Fusion, we wanted to see if we could change that.
We only import and sell the delicious creamy 100% pure Manuka Honey of the Central Plateau region in New Zealand's North Island.
Because I was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, I wanted to combine the best of both worlds and we have successfully developed our Fusion Honey range using the best Manuka Honey available to us and the locally sourced natural Okinawa produce.
We take extreme pride and care in producing our Fusion Honey and ensure that the honey remains raw and the local ingredients are no subject to any processing heat that will destroy the natural nutritional content. The resulting product give you not only the benefits of 100% pure Manuka Honey, but also the nutritional value of the local ingredients.
None of our products have any additives, preservatives, or chemicals so you cna be sure that what you are eating is naturally good for you.

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          Managing Director Naoko J McIlvride