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マヌカハニー専門店 ハニーフュージョン

Shikwasa Candy with Manuka Honey

Shikwasa Candy with Manuka Honey

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100% pure manuka honey from New Zealand (using MGO180+) and shikuwasa from Okinawa prefecture are fused to create a candy.
*Means fusion connection.

With the juice of shikuwasa from Okinawa prefecture, when you eat one grain, the refreshing aroma and sour taste will spread in your mouth.
It's easy to carry, so you can put it in your bag or pocket and take care of your mouth anytime, anywhere.
It is also recommended to lick it as a virus countermeasure with the power of manuka ♪
✔️ As a virus countermeasure cold prevention
✔️As oral care
✔️When you want to refresh your mood♪
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