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New product release Manuka honey butter

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What exactly is manuka honey?

What kind of honey is manuka honey? What are MGOs? Why is it getting so much attention?

  • Additive-free

    Precisely because we live in this age, we want to support the health of all customers, from children to the elderly. Our products do not contain any additives so that you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

  • unheated

    Manuka honey loses potency at temperatures above 70°C. We offer unheated manuka honey to ensure that you receive the highest quality honey that is packed with nutrients.

  • Pesticide-free

    Manuka honey is a precious gift from the earth. That's why I want to take care of the environment. We are thoroughly pesticide-free so that we can support the health of our customers.

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Life with honey

We will introduce the state of the head office, how to eat delicious Manuka honey, the process of product production, etc. on the blog.