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マヌカハニー専門店 ハニーフュージョン

Okinawa Freeze Dried Fruit - Gift (1 bottle)

Okinawa Freeze Dried Fruit - Gift (1 bottle)

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Transform Okinawan fruits into long-lasting natural snacks! ! It removed 98% of the water but left 97% of the nutrients. You can enjoy nutritious Okinawan fruits anytime, anywhere.

Contents: 40g (1 bottle)

(The moisture content of fruit is 90%, so 40g of freeze-dried fruit equals 400g of fresh fruit.)

A rich healthy snack with a taste that you won't be able to stop eating as it is! ! It's very rich because the water doesn't dilute the taste or sweetness.

Great to add to other foods.

  • Roughly crushed into ice cream or yogurt
  • When you put it in tea, it transforms into a real fruit tea at once! !
  • Perfect for breakfast cereals or smoothies
  • As a delicious and healthy snack in your child's lunch box. . .
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